The week was a rollercoaster with some scary pings from the mentor, announcement of annual Town Hall Meet, 2019 and the happiness of getting an “almost” completed project.

Day — 1

The mentor had told us that all the interns will have to give a Tech-Talk with demo of our work for Goibibo’s…

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While scrolling through some of my old writings on a Tuesday morning, I came across some beautiful lines from the TED talk by an American psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth wherein she talks about some motivational stuff.

The secret mantra to success as she says is not any IQ or intelligence…

To the top of top of the place I lived, lied a zone of utmost realizations, cool breezes and, within the eyeshot, a view of a world that runs forever to thrive.
Through this context-less statement, I’d like to decipher the importance of Roof-tops during the time in Bengaluru. …

Day -1

  • Made small GoLang APIs to get enough idea of the tasks to be provided.
  • Using export to set environment variables only sets it temporarily only for that current session. To change it permanently, export statements in /etc/profile are added after: sudo gedit /etc/profile and after saving, closing the file, the…

“Small Progress is still Progress”

This one sentence kept me going for the three weeks. But, when small gets smaller and the delight of making your day a productive one dwindles day by day, you feel like loosing it.
I really missed the lift this week. I’ve always intended to write…

Day — 1

I had used a static config file to inflate the data in my autosuggest for City Search which actually had to be done by hitting API’s on typing words/making any edits in the AutoSuggest EditField. So, I had to correct this one! So, the two tasks assigned were:

I had…

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I got the blues of my life when I came to realise that we would not be able to use React-Admin since, the mentor being a perfectionist, and it being a framework, and was allowing only a certain level of customisation. Henceforth, we had to switch.

“See, this is the…

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