Week 8 : Bro, Git is a skill in life.

The week was a rollercoaster with some scary pings from the mentor, announcement of annual Town Hall Meet, 2019 and the happiness of getting an “almost” completed project.

Day — 1

The mentor had told us that all the interns will have to give a Tech-Talk with demo of our work for Goibibo’s Architects and Product owners. This message caused the chills down our spines. Also, it seemed quite a:

We don’t grow when we say inside our comfort zone. “

Day — 2

Lesson 1 : How to clean up subscriptions in React components using Abort Controller.
The day continued with some minor bug fixes and some changes in the code, but kiddo - “You can never cheat fate and git”. The code had been messed up and I stood there on this day with branches, all merged, the code pushed, tens of commits in the project and I was unable to find out the culprit commit.

Hence, finally after quite a lawt of hustle and comparing files in VS code, I used gitk on Ubuntu and git checkout #commit-hash to investigate the culprit commit causing a major bug in the project which had poop-messed up.

Day — 3

After the under- understood usage of github till now, I firstly learnt the major concepts from a mate who explained it really well and got back to work with a new, pretty and clean branch with my code, and keeping master quite isolated and secure until there was any need to merge.
Along with that, following were some major lessons learnt for this day:

  • xkill command on terminal — kills the X server connections of GUI apps.
  • Make React useEffect hook not run on initial render with the help of useRef hook and useLayoutEffect()

The React useLayouEffect hook is written the same way as useEffect, and almost behaves the same way.One of the key differences is that it gets executed right after a React component render lifecycle, and before useEffect gets triggered.

  • Used QueryString ( Anode package)to extract and parse query string from a Route.

Day — 4

I kept on fixing those es-lint warnings, some minor bugs, again. For the current solution, some more endPoints had to be shown on the dashboard. So, I had to make further changes and to show those desired rules in the backend repository.
The project seemed to be coming to an end and there were some minor tasks, bug fixes and UI was left.

Day — 5

This day, I worked, addictively, making the UI of the project better.
The project also had to be put to production, so those tasks were not provided yet. I could not make the whole project dark themed as it would then be an unnecessarily overly-fancied B2B product. But I kept the HomePage fancy with all the animations and stuff to make the theme look like it really is inspired by Jarvis.

Jarvis. Source: Google

And, tan-tanaaan, my firstest ever web UI designing was ready to save Goibibo Hotels Debugging. Never did in my dreams I had imagined that I’ll be this creative to even dream of it at all and make it work this way.

I was glad and yes, highly proud.
I remembered that most of the people had always told me that they were working as software developers because they loved building stuff and I never really understood it.
Everything now seemed to make a point.

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