Week 6: Rooftops

Day — 1

  1. Learnt and integrated Reach Router in the application.
  2. Added various user input checks in the project.

Day — 2

  1. Learnt about React navigation — how to navigate between screens.
  2. 5 DSA questions.

Day — 3

  1. JetBrains IDE Tech-Talk was being held in the office where they introduced some cool tips and tricks to use the new IDE and also gave us goodies, T-shirts and bags.
    Some of the interesting taught points were:
    (i ) Key Promote X — tells every shortcut for a click (Plugin). This plugin reduces the mouse clicks for the developer by providing them the shortcuts for the same.
Source: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/9792-key-promoter-x

Day — 4

  1. Adding API parameters to a base API through a calling function:
export const getUrl = (url, inlineParamsArray, queryParams) => {for (let i = 0; i < inlineParamsArray.length; i++) {url += '/' + inlineParamsArray[i] ;}url +='?'Object.keys(queryParams).forEach(key => {if(queryParams[key])url +=   key + '=' + queryParams[key] + '&';});return url;};
Added checks

Day — 5

  1. It was International Yoga Day i.e 21 June. Henceforth, some basic Yoga asanas were taught by a trainer for back, neck pain etc. in the office.
  2. Made more changes and commits in the backend repo, for adding DRC in the application.



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