To the top of top of the place I lived, lied a zone of utmost realizations, cool breezes and, within the eyeshot, a view of a world that runs forever to thrive.
Through this context-less statement, I’d like to decipher the importance of Roof-tops during the time in Bengaluru.
With the air brushing over the face and the moon seeming to be the best companion, it always felt like a “let-time-stop” moment.

Day — 1

  1. Learnt and integrated Reach Router in the application.
  2. Added various user input checks in the project.

Day — 2

  1. Learnt about React navigation — how to navigate between screens.
  2. 5 DSA questions.

Day — 3

  1. JetBrains IDE Tech-Talk was being held in the office where they introduced some cool tips and tricks to use the new IDE and also gave us goodies, T-shirts and bags.
    Some of the interesting taught points were:
    (i ) Key Promote X — tells every shortcut for a click (Plugin). This plugin reduces the mouse clicks for the developer by providing them the shortcuts for the same.

(ii) Ctrl + Tab — switch between files and not manually toggle between files in the project folder through the mouse.

(iii) JDBC Driver — A JDBC driver is a software component enabling a Java application to interact with a database. The new IDE connects the project to databases and also forms tabular formats of the same in the IDE itself.

(iv) Regex Checker — Another cool feature that was shown in the talk.

(v) Making GET requests on the IDE itself and use of scratch files (files that are created in a temp folder, can use all features of IDE and help in debugging)

(vi) Ctrl + Shitf+ V -get type of the variable , doing this twice — range of the variable.

(vii ) Difference Viewer for files — quite a lot faster [new — left, old — right]

(viii) UpSource — Using code in browser.

2. Understood and Added Dynamic Rate Comparison to backend repo

Day — 4

  1. Adding API parameters to a base API through a calling function:
export const getUrl = (url, inlineParamsArray, queryParams) => {for (let i = 0; i < inlineParamsArray.length; i++) {url += '/' + inlineParamsArray[i] ;}url +='?'Object.keys(queryParams).forEach(key => {if(queryParams[key])url +=   key + '=' + queryParams[key] + '&';});return url;};
Added checks

2. Worked on the backend repo a bit to add the required end points.

Day — 5

  1. It was International Yoga Day i.e 21 June. Henceforth, some basic Yoga asanas were taught by a trainer for back, neck pain etc. in the office.
  2. Made more changes and commits in the backend repo, for adding DRC in the application.

It was an interesting week with some happening office events and a bang weekend filled with yum food, ‘Kabir Singh’, Cubbon Park, running the first Yulu bike and some shopping after tons of window-shopping.

Explorer. Finding beauty every day!

Explorer. Finding beauty every day!