Week 4: And I broke down!

“Small Progress is still Progress”

This one sentence kept me going for the three weeks. But, when small gets smaller and the delight of making your day a productive one dwindles day by day, you feel like loosing it.
I really missed the lift this week. I’ve always intended to write about the “good” of my days. But, this time, there was some real chaos going inside.
For three weeks, I had been carrying myself with the utmost positivity I could afford in and out the office. I could easily see it fading, with me rightly acknowledging it, each passing weekday!

Day- 1

I finally refactored the code today using Hooks. And it took me soo long honestly to collect the courage for using Hooks. I was so scared and doubtful initially. But with each line of code written, I felt at ease with the things.
Somewhere in between Arihant gave me some much-needed master lines :

When react came out in 2013. People were like _Are you freaking kidding me? What have you MAAAAAADE. KILLL MEEEE!
Then people started seeing why it’s useful and today people are like
I ❤ React!!!

Day — 2

It was very motivating to know that Golang is going to be in my tech-pouch too. The mentor had told that for Jarvo, I’d be creating the API’s using golang so, I should start learning.

Lesson 1: Why isn’t Golang popular within Google if it was invented by some of their employees?
On a brief, there are two major reasons for this:

  1. Most people who come to Google don’t already know Golang. And that It is already a new and developing language. Though, it is used for smaller projects. Go is used in YouTube Website and also in Google Chrome. Golang is actively used in smaller projects built with Google App Engine. (Source: Quora)
  2. For Android, Go language didn’t even exist when the company Google later bought made the Android OS. It doesn’t have a sandboxing model which seems to be an important requirement today. (Source: SO)

Lesson 2: What is a Sandbox model?
The original security model provided by the Java platform is known as the sandbox model, which existed in order to provide a very restricted environment in which to run untrusted code obtained from the open network.

The essence of the sandbox model is that local code is trusted to have full access to vital system resources (such as the file system) while downloaded remote code (an applet) is not trusted and can access only the limited resources provided inside the sandbox. (Source: GfG)

Image source: Google

Lesson 3: Difference between named and default exports in React.

Day — 3

It was a big fat holiday in the middle of the week.

Image source: Google

Day — 4

I was getting more comfortable with Golang. For some spare time I had in the office, I also tried a few coding practice questions.
Along with this,
Lesson 4: The difference between var, const and let in Javascript.

Day — 5

I waited to get the access of the repository, got the access, got the setup in my laptop and waited. Waited for the mentor to instruct about the type and structure of the API to be built.
In the meanwhile, I practiced some other coding questions on Data Structures and left the office as I was not feeling well.

I could easily remember the first Friday I left the office and this one.
The former, relishable, joyful, “It’s not that bad to work in corporates” one and the latter was okayish, “I just want to leave”, “Need to pour my heart out kinda!”, “Need a best friend to understand it all kinda!”, dissatisfying.

Everything piling up for no reason along with unessential comparisons in my head with other interns doing well in their work and the uncalled-for pressure of placements just after we leave the internship on reaching college seemed too much to handle for me! And…. I broke down!

But yeah! Who said it ain’t good for health?
It took me big two hours to put myself together and freshening up afterwards. I ordered the love of my life (Peitza), got myself back up and tried to numb the part of my mind niggling me as I slept after watching three episodes of Black Mirror!

चलता रहूँगा पथ पर , चलने में माहिर बन जाऊंगा!
या तो मंजिल मिल जायेगी, या अच्छा मुसाफिर बन जाऊंगा !!

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