Week 2: A snap is how weekends pass!

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I got the blues of my life when I came to realise that we would not be able to use React-Admin since, the mentor being a perfectionist, and it being a framework, and was allowing only a certain level of customisation. Henceforth, we had to switch.

“See, this is the thing with frameworks”– the mentor said. They could be fascinating, but at the same time, they may not be able to allow us to broaden our horizons after a limit.

This is the time when I actually understood the difference between a library and a framework. To reach from the source to your destination, framework is an Uber ride, whereas a library is a Zoomcar Ride. Both got their own perks and cons.
I kept on looking for different frameworks that could help us implement the desired Dashboard for the backend team.


Task 1: Build a new config file of all the keys in the API which will be inflated, after discussion with the Backend team.
Task 2: Build a popup containing check-boxes to hide/show column data and use local storage for the states of the API.

We realised that we needed customisation, tons of it. Hence, even after trying few React frameworks — React-Admin, React-Grid, React-DataGrid, the desired level of customisation could not be achieved.

So, we decided to develop from scratch including components from material-ui libraries as we moved forward.

Day –3,4

Task 1: Integration of Material-UI DatePicker and Material — UI AutoComplete for the Dashboard for the Check-in Date, Check-out Date and City Search.
Task 2: Also, use the City Search AutoComplete to hit another API to extract the City id. (Voyager)

I had used Axios for making API calls in React as earlier and completed both the tasks, though slowly, but satisfactorily enough for me. (The mentor still has got to give code review )


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To this day, everything seemed sorted. But Friday had already caught me up with its drowsy vibes and I felt like cheating and doing absolutely nothing here.

One thing that I love about the internship is that, no one is going to keep a mommy-check on you if you are actually working on the projects assigned.
This helped me get myself back up on such drowsy days all by myself.

So, I had bits and pieces by now, I just had to combine the data flow between components and was stuck on how to manage the data flow between various components. So, after hours of concentrated reading and watching tutorials, I completed the task and decided to build some good tutorial for beginners for Data Passing in React.

I was happy going home. The fact that I was thrown new challenges everyday about which I have absolute no clue about how to even start was discomforting at first but sheer satisfaction on their completion.

“I was happy that I was learning. Not too much, not too less, but one thing was for sure, I was growing everyday. And I suppose that’s how it is meant to be.”

Explorer. Finding beauty every day!

Explorer. Finding beauty every day!