Decision Fatigue: Creating a generation of people which is forever tired!

Source : Google
Source : Google
  1. First and the most obvious one : Cut down! Cut down on needless decision-making by jotting down your top priorities for the day and ensuring you tackle those first. This way, your most important decisions get done when your energy is at its highest. This is one of the major reasons that important meetings in organizations do not happen at 4 pm in the evening. Organise & set up your day so that you have to make the fewest decisions possible.
  2. Naps : Physical fatigue has a direct correlation with decision fatigue. Some people might simply make worse decisions when tired. Taking rest breaks throughout the day as needed can help you recharge.
  3. Reducing distractions (#Hashtag everyone is cribbing about it) :
    Choosing to look at your cell phone, browsing social media to check that cool video of the famous influencer you follow, or even a glance at the television really drains your willpower and ability to take well thought of decisions. Hence, reducing the time you spend on these distractions can be really helpful.




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sakshi chahal

sakshi chahal

Explorer. Finding beauty every day!

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